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Review Gopatel
Bar, Cafe Jasna Gora (Mezzanine floor, Area: 126m2)
- Mezzanine Restaurant serves customers who need for relaxing or partner waiting , serve and make up separate  beverage in European -style and  subtle service .

Restaurant 3rd floor ( Paris ) , area 190m2
- Paris  Restaurant offers  you the menu and the buffet in  Europe – Asia style  with over 200 foods  that come from three regions as well as the characteristic region all over the world . Now, you can enjoy the culinary cream ,gathering  from all parts of the world with the Paris restaurant  at Gopatel.
- Owing  luxurious and cozy space , Gopatel is also an ideal place for couples to celebrate wedding parties to begin their happy lives.

Black Sea - Swimming poolbar ( 18th floor )
 - Black Sea is the ideal place to relax for you , especially, When do gym or relax in the swimming pool . Overhead  pool , you really deep relaxation with this service .